Finding your ring size
Most jewellery shops will size your finger free of charge. If you don’t know your ring size, let us know when you order your ring and we will send you a ring sizer.

To surprise a loved one with a ring if you don’t know the size
One customer solved this rather brilliantly. He found a costume ring, it was adjustable, and he was able to get her to try it on — he came back for one of our fabulous rings and happy endings!  Another way is to find a ring she’s not wearing, as long as it fits the appropriate finger, and send us the ring as a size reference. Alternatively, you can select a ring to be sized after purchase.

If you’re wondering how to proceed, contact us for suggestions.

Care, cleaning and storing pearl jewellery
To best care for your pearls, keep them from coming into contact with perfume spray or lotions – they contain compounds harmful to pearls. It’s a good idea to clean your pearls after wearing with a lint-free damp cloth. Keep pearls away from other jewellery, in a velvet pouch. Pearls strands should be re-strung every year, or at least assessed by a qualified jeweller.

Care, cleaning and storing silver jewellery
Silver jewellery that is worn tarnishes least. When not wearing it, keep your silver jewellery stored in a plastic airtight bag, and away from other jewellery metals, especially base metals used in fashion jewellery as this can encourage tarnish.