Finding the stone. An idea meets with jade and becomes a treasure. Fingerprints of water.

“Searching for the stone, working with it in the carving studio, shaping and setting, sculpting a jewel, giving it form as a unique piece of jewellery: this is the process the allows me to be very creative.”

The search is part of the discovery. Adrienne carves and finds inspiration in New Zealand jade. Known by its Maori name pounamu, this richly varied stone with intense characteristics, is collected by hand from South Island streams and rivers. These are respectful methods, not quarrying nor scarring the land, waters, or its inhabitants. Gathered according to Maori custom and tradition, as did her tipuna ancestors.

Adrienne’s various works are inspired by the breathtaking beauty and versatility of jade: the highly-prized Marsden Flower Jade, iconic green Southwestland and Kawakawa, the elusive and evocative Kokopu named for the speckled native fish, the esteemed and mysterious Inanga in hues of blue, butterscotch, and olive. Totoweka that changes colour in various light, and recollections of Waitaki, the Tangiwai, from the furthest southern reaches.

Authenticity in a world of shifting style-consciousness.

upper: Inanga Jade
left: chatoyant Inanga Jade
right: Marsden Flower Jade
photos: Adrienne Stanton